Hahah I just realised

Here are some things I Wanna say lol

There’s something I just realised that I never told you guys. Me and B had a fight and now E doesn’t sit w us anymore so it’s just me and N all the time. E is a bitch now and B is better but she was a total bitch and whore around 3-4 months ago. We aren’t as close as we used to be and now I feel lonely because I only have N. ANyways I thought that’d be good to tell you if you actually wanted to know. It’s not like anyone reads these. It’s just so I can vent all my anger out and random things. lol

Oh also, I got my period lol. I cri. It sucks. I haven’t told my mum either bc I’m uncomfortable telling her. I’ll eventually tell her.

I’ve also frequently been maturbating and going on omegle naked lately. I don’t ever climax lol but who cares. I bought some cute underwear and bras the other day so I’m happy that I look cute for omegle hahaha.

Today I had my last needles of the year and tomorrow is my last day. I haven’t finished my teacher present yet though. lol who cares

I got some new friends on Insta but I don’t really talk to them anymore except Leena. They were Jen, Leena, Rei, Rysus and some other girls. I was gonna do the oto&me thing w them and do the art but we never ended up doing it. Since then I’ve gotten alot better at digital art. I never would’ve thought at the start of this year that I’d wanting to do digital art as my profession. I just don’t know what else to do. ha…. Anyways I dislike the anime community a lot. And I really like yaoi and yuri but there’s not much yuri out there lol. I still do some art for Leena (@dankanimes) when she asks. I don’t ask her for anything in return but I don’t really care. It’s not god enough for repayment hahah.

Ah also, idk if I did this but a while back I got really into anime youtubers. My favs are The Anime Man, Einshine, Nyansigh, Akidearest, Misty Chronexia, Lost Pause.

Oh man I just realised I’ve also gotten a lot more into games. Like I bought two of the Sakura games and they are eroge games. Like why am I doing this. I also bought Danganronpa 1 and 2 and I’m anxiously waiting for V3 next year. I finished Pokemon Sun and Moon two days after getting it at the midnight release lol. I was first to finish the WHOLE game like wtf. And It was really fun. I hate seeing people hype it up like weeks after the midnight release. Losers ahahha. I want to get all the final fantasy games soooooo bad. ffxv came out last week or so and it looks SO good. I’m gonna either buy overwatch or ffxv for christmas and i’m hyped asf.


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