Monthly Update (May)

I decided instead of writing every single day on this boring ass blog i’m just
gonna do a monthly update on what’s happened in the past month ect.
Here’s the update for May 2016.

I’ve recently become best friends with Megan who lives in New Zealand. She’s super chill and it was her bday recently but  I haven’t shipped her present out bc I don’t think my parents like me having internet friends. I’m doing alright in my subjects recently but I’m scared for the results of my history and science (r.i.p). I also have watched way more anime since that last blog post about anime. I think I’ve completed about 60 series since then which is kinda sad. Also I have been staying up until 12am every night for the past couple of weeks and getting hardly any school work done so yAY for me ! :/ Girls from the other class at school always ask me what’s on the exam after I’ve done it and it pisses me off alot. I’m also procrastinating so bad lately because all I do when I get home from school is read manga or watch anime, and then the day before its due I procrastinate af.

I’m gonna make a list of anime/manga i’m watching/reading

Soul Eater
Bungou Stray Dogs
Free! Eternal Summer
Black Butler
Super Lovers
Boku no Hero Academia


One Piece
Orange (so sad I’m dYING)
Fairy Tail
Tales of Demons and Gods
Cheese in the Trap
Cherry Boy, That Girl
High School of the Dead
Skip Beat
Say I Love You
(and some other one-shot shoujos)

Thanks, please check out anything from the lists, I highly recommend them 🙂


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